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Twin 100


Twin 100 is an internal bi passing sliding door system ideal for wardrobes and other storage units.  The steel hanger aprons make it a sturdy system whilst the nylon wheels help ensure the system runs smoothly and quietly. The optional soft closer ensures that slamming doors are aleviated and ensures the wardrobe's longevity. Twin 100 is the ideal choice for storage in hotels and other commercial applications due to its suitability for heavy use and minimal maintenance needed.


Top hung internal bi-passing sliding door system ideal for wardrobes and other storage units for timber doors up to 45kg

  • Smooth and quiet operation provided by soffit fixed anodised aluminium track and nylon hangers
  • Minimal maintenance required once installed
  • Individual lengths of track allow for variations of door thickness up to 44mm
  • Multiple floor guiding options available to suit different environments
  • Soft Closing option available to add to the longevity of the wardrobe or cupboard, reduce the noise from slamming doors and eliminate the risk of trapped fingers
  • Twin 100 is available in a 2 door trackset for openings up to 1800mm and a 3 door trackset for openings up to 2400mm, for additional doors and larger openings additional front and rear hangers as well as anodised aluminium track are available


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